Plata o Plomo






Carsten Rochow (bass, guitar)
Ingmar Schulze (drums)
Marius Rochow (voc, guitar)


"Pablo was establishing a pattern of dealing with the authorities...It soon became known simply as plata o plomo. One either excepted Pablo's plata (silver) or his plomo (lead)... Death was his strategy against extradition, that and money. His policy of plata o plomo became so notoriously effective that it would ultimately threaten to undermine Colombia's democracy...Pablo's primary target...was the country's judicial system, to which he offered plata o plomo....Plata o plomo had every official in Bogotá living in fear or under suspicion; they were either targets of the Medellin cartel or presumed to be its lackeys...There were still a few brave souls in public life who defied plata o plomo, but by the end of 1986 not many of them were still alive."

(excerpts from the book "Killing Pablo. The Hunt for the World's Greatest Outlaw" by Mark Bowden)

But what has this got to do with the band plata o plomo? I'll tell you. Of course nothing. We do not bribe and kill people nor do we like the idea of this policy. But plata o plomo is a part of the world's history - and the present, not only in Columbia. While I was reading that very book a couple of years ago (admittedly I'm not through yet....) I thought that these three little Spanish words would yield a tough name for a band. And if they ask you where the name derives from you got something to tell. But at that time we called ourselves the soap fanatics. Dear me!

The soap fanatics had a few cool songs but little success; only known around our hometown Haldensleben and Magdeburg. We neither put something out nor played that many shows, about 70 from 1999 to 2002. We were always sort of unsatisfied with our recordings so that we never dared to put them on a CD. We burned our best songs on CD-R, made different covers by ourselves and gave it to friends and people who turned up to our shows. Maybe we were kind of stupid as well.

However two years ago my younger brother Marius, a gifted guitar player, singer and our mastermind, decided to quit which after all meant the band's breakup. That was a shock for the three of us, Robert, Ingmar and me and of course not easy for Marius, either, but he has made a well considered decision. Studying law requires a lot of time to succeed. Since then he's written a couple of fairly good term papers and ironically also a bunch of songs that are extraordinary good. It was just a matter of time before Marius came up and asked us to reform the band.

For almost a year now we put my brother's songs into the band context of plata o plomo. We have time. We need time. Anyone time to sell? We have an ambition: to play shows and to make our first record ever, a good one. One we can live with at least for a month before we start to say: this and that could have been made differently. That's our claim. If there are some folks who like our music as well the much the better.

Just one downer: Rob, our bass player who lives in Berlin, has left plata o plomo recently for reasons of time. Now he focusses on his little band Rob & the pinhole stars which has already out two full lengths and on his job as a freelance media designer. Good luck, Robson! You leave a gap that is hard to fill.

Considering all these facts plata o plomo is a three-piece-band consisting of Marius Rochow, Ingmar Schulze, who drums when not studying history and music eagerly and Carsten Rochow, who plays bass and guitar and works for a rock radio station.

What else to say? - Watch out for plata o plomo!

wrtitten by Carsten Rochow




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